Who Invented the Sport of Bowling?

The constant search for knowledge

If you’re like us, you want to know everything you can about the sport of bowling. I mean, it’s the best sport out there, so why don’t you want to learn all about it?

When you first started you learned the basics of the game. You’ve learned to score, how much better a strike is than a spare, but you’ve also discovered how important it is to take the spare when you have the opportunity. The worst thing about cakes is that they leave a standing pin, right?

Maybe as you get better, you start thinking about lane conditions, how much oil is in the lane, what the oil patterns are, and how they affect your circulation. Most cakes start bowling directly down the lane. Maybe you just started with a homemade ball when you were a kid, like me. But once you’ve improved your clothes, you’ve taken the time to learn how to take advantage of a catching ball. That’s when you really started having fun, when you increased your scores, and maybe you started competing with others. So you learned that practice creates muscle memory and you realized that the only way to grow in consistency is through discipline and effort (basically bowling as much as humanly possible).

I’m sure you learned early on that you want to hit your pocket as often as possible. It’s a great feeling! So for the next 50 years you will pursue that goal, always looking to improve. Update your bowling equipment regularly and try new accessories to help you with that goal. Find out what the latest technological improvements are.

Basically, you’re always learning, always improving, always choosing other people’s brains to get advice on the game. But in the search for all the bowling knowledge you can put into your brain have you ever stopped and thought about where the sport of bowling really came from? That is my question. Who Invented Cakes Anyway?

So who exactly invented cakes?

So while at Bowling.com we are quite partial, it has many different types of bowling or similar games that have been played for centuries around the world.

As far as we know (we weren’t actually there), cakes can be traced back to ancient Egypt around 5,000 BC Imagine this. Take a rock and roll it into other objects in order to knock them down. It looks a bit like the game we love. That was what the Egyptians did about 7,000 years ago.

Over the centuries (and millennia), different varieties of cakes have emerged from the simple game of the ancient Egyptian. Of course, you have traditional ten-legged cakes and nine-legged cakes, candles with cakes, cakes with ducks and five-legged cakes. And you don’t want to forget the cakes and lawn mowers, very popular all over the world.

So next time “roll the rock” you can be grateful to the ancient minds that came up with the sport and to all those who modified it and made it the perfect game it is today.

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