What is a bowling floor made of?

The floor in a bowling alley experiences mechanical shock loads every day, therefore, for its manufacture, fast-hardening and hydrophobic reinforced concrete of the M200, M250 or M300 brands is used. Foundations and staircases of residential and industrial buildings are made of such material. The concrete surface must be level. The deviation from the horizontal must not exceed 1.2 centimeters by 26 meters, otherwise, during the game, the ball may leave the given throwing trajectory.

Technical Recommendations

In the area of ​​paths and mechanisms, the concrete thickness must be at least 12 centimeters. The floor must withstand loads of up to 500 kg / m2 without harm to the coating – dampen vibrations and noise. To ensure vibration resistance and sound absorption, a concrete screed is laid over vibration and sound insulating materials – mineral wool or microporous polyurethane elastomer.

It is not recommended to use bitumen – over time, microcracks appear in it, in which water can accumulate. To exclude the formation of moisture, which will inevitably cause deformation of wooden or cast tracks and rusting of metal parts of equipment, walls are treated with waterproofing compounds around the perimeter of the screed. To extend the life of the floor, antiseptic additives are added to it. Concrete dries for fifteen days, then it is treated with a primer or water glass is applied.

Please note that engineering systems, if possible, should not pass under bowling lanes. If pipes or wiring fail, you will have to dismantle the playing surface and break the tie, which will interfere with the operation of the institution indefinitely. This should be taken into account at the stage of development of the design project and the layout of the bowling club.

The price of the floor consists of the cost of building materials and construction and installation work. We recommend not to save money, but to buy high-quality durable material. Still, both the pleasure of the players and the uninterrupted and harmonious work of the entertainment establishment depend on this.

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