What are the sizes of bowling lanes


When designing a bowling alley, it is important to pay attention to many details and comply with a huge number of requirements and regulations. You need to choose a room that is suitable in terms of area and parameters (length, width), find reliable and functional equipment, and also deal with its installation and installation of electronic systems. Among these tasks, the key is the arrangement of the tracks for the game.

In modern bowling, the standard lane size is 60 feet (18-19 meters). In this case, the calculation is taken from the distance from the spade point to the pin axis, indicated by the number 1. In turn, the width of the track is in the region of 41 inches (1 meter). These figures are a guideline, but equipment vendors often change the actual dimensions. Such an approach is often caused by the need to adapt the track to the parameters of the room in which the bowling playground is set up.

What does the track consist of?

Bowling lanes were originally made from maple or pine. Today, heavy-duty materials of synthetic origin are used for their production. More expensive options made of wood, covered with a special varnish, also remain popular. In addition to the canvas itself, along which the ball moves, the concept of a bowling track includes:

  • An approach section that allows the player to comfortably accelerate before throwing;
  • Spade line;
  • Flat gutters;
  • Special bumpers;
  • A platform for the installation of pins;
  • The mine into which the knocked-down pins are dropped;
  • A device that automatically sets the pins.

It should be remembered about the markup and pointers, which provide additional information content during the game.

The shape, size, quantity, production method, as well as the gaps between the above elements are strictly regulated. In particular, careful control is carried out if there are official competitions on the track. In this case, the slope of the track, its surface, as well as the friction force are checked. To determine objective and accurate indicators, laboratory tests of control indicators are carried out. In this case, deviations are not allowed.

What should you pay attention to when calculating the length of the room for the installation of bowling equipment?

It is important to consider the length of the recreation area, which is most often placed immediately behind the take-off area for the comfort of players and fans. At least 4.5 meters should be allocated for the recreation area. If possible, we recommend making it larger. In some cases, the recreation area can be placed on the side of the take-off area (if the club is designed for one or two lanes). Additionally, you can provide areas for the placement of spectators, a bar, places for changing shoes, etc. Alternatively, in confined spaces, you can use mini-bowling, but that’s another story entirely!

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