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Everyone noticed while playing bowling that the balls differ in color and mass. Today they are made mainly of polyester and various modifications of polyurethane. In professional models, “reactive” and epoxy resin, as well as quartz particles are added. At the request of the player, it is possible to manufacture products to order. In this case, the holes for the fingers are drilled individually, and it is possible to select a suitable structure. Interestingly, for all the differences, the sizes of bowling balls are identical in diameter. According to current regulations, the specified characteristic should be 8.5-8.95 inches.

How to find the right size?

Most often, the weight of a ball is indicated by a number that is printed on its surface. It is customary to distinguish 10 main sizes, differing in weight. You can familiarize yourself with them in more detail in the table below:

bowling balls size

Thanks to the accumulated experience, we recommend using balls, depending on age and gender:

  • Children – No. 6-No. 9;
  • Girls – №10-№12;
  • Men – №13-№16.

The above are just tips that you should focus on. During the game, try balls of different sizes and make at least 2-3 throws. This will allow you to find an option that allows you to knock out strikes and set new records without any problems. The cost

Some more useful recommendations

We advise you to opt for the heaviest balls you can control. Plus to this:

  • The thumb should enter the hole without any problems and freely;
  • The fit of the middle and ring fingers should be tighter to ensure good control;
  • If you feel tired within 5 seconds after picking up the ball, choose a lighter size.

To play successfully, it is important to maintain a balance when choosing a ball. Too heavy models lead to loss of control over movement and, in worst cases, injury to the hand. In turn, light balls reduce the chances of hitting a strike and become the reason for the emergence of the habit of making a strong run.

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