What are the advantages of purchasing used tracks


In today’s realities, the opening of new entertainment centers is associated with great risks. Therefore, investing in the beginning of business development is not entirely reasonable. Therefore, it is easier and more profitable to buy used bowling lanes and other accessories.

Why is it profitable to buy used tracks

There are several major bowling equipment manufacturers. Among them, the most popular are QubicaAMF and Bronswick. But, the fact is that for new tracks of their production you will have to pay more than $ 50-60,000. Firstly, not every newbie entrepreneur has such amounts, and secondly, there are no guarantees that the business will be successful. Therefore, it is wiser to consider used equipment.

It is profitable and safe to buy such products. After all, our company offers professional equipment that has already been in operation and experienced loads. It was used for a short time – about 4-7 years. Manufacturers claim that its service life is 20-25 years. BowlExpert employees will conduct a thorough diagnosis, replace parts if necessary, and the equipment will serve you for another 15-20 years.

How to buy equipment

Our BowlExpert experts can easily select the right equipment. It is enough to inform them what exactly interests you. Submit your application and employees will get started immediately. The company monitors the quality of the products it offers, so all tracks undergo diagnostics and maintenance. You get not only high-quality equipment, but also a guarantee for it. Our team of professionals is ready to advise you on any questions.

You do not have to worry about the quality of used products, because our specialists carry out a thorough selection and diagnostics. Call us – we are always in touch and ready to pick up the components and accessories you need.

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