ARLINGTON, Texas – The U.S. Bowling Congress has postponed the U.S. Team and U.S. Youth Team programs for the remainder of 2020 due to uncertainty related to the COVID-19 pandemic and the cancellation of international tournaments to 2021.

This was a sad and sad decision for all involved as Team USA’s program represents the heart of USBC’s mission, vision and values. Team USA’s programs allow athletes to compete against the best in their sport on an international stage, and bowling is no different. Earning a roster place and representing the United States in international competitions is an ambitious goal that will start for many as young bowlers at the Youth Gold Championships.

But the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the sports world. World Bowling has pushed the events of the world championships to 2021, and USBC is focused on the well-being of our athletes and communities. Sadly, there are unlikely to be any international events for Team USA in 2020, and it will not be possible to train as a team in the elite environment of Team USA any time soon.

While USBC feels that banning the USA Team program for 2020 is the only responsible option, we believe that no athlete should lose the USA Team experience they gained or the opportunity to compete for the US because of something out of their control.

Therefore, all members of the U.S. 2020 Team and the U.S. Youth Team, if they remain age-appropriate, will be automatically assigned to their 2021 teams.

“We know this is a disappointment for our USA Team athletes who have worked hard to honor representing our country in competition,” USA Team Head Coach Rod Ross said of suspend Team USA activity in 2020. “Unfortunately, we do not see any potential of Team USA competing this year. We look forward to 2021, with a stronger expanded team that includes current team members and those who make the squad at the USA 2021 Team Trials (USBC). ”

Team USA competes in prestigious events around the world and 2020 was to feature events such as the World Youth Championships, World Singles Championships, Pan American Associations, Pan American Champion and Cup of the annual QubicaAMF Universe.

The spotlight will now turn to 2021 and bowlers will still be able to earn spots on next year’s teams at the USA Team Trials and U.S. Amateur Championships, scheduled for January 2021.

At the 2021 U.S. Team Tests and U.S. Amateur Championships, the following competitors will receive spots:

Team 2021 USA
* Top four men and top four women, by performance
* U.S. Amateur Champions
* Two men and two women are major elections conducted by the National Select Committee (NSC)

2021 US Youth Team
* Top four boys and top four girls, by performance, deserving of age
* Two boys and two girls make a big choice with the NSC

The annual summer camps for Team USA, U.S. Youth Team and junior development teams will return in 2021.

These decisions were made in consultation with the USBC Athletes Advisory Council (AAC). The AAC is a group of former and former USA Team athletes served with a mission to communicate the interests and protect the rights of athletes. All members have represented the USBC US Team in the Pan American Games, World Bowling Championships or American Zone Championships or other major international tournaments in the past 10 years.

Team USA members are not only the top athletes in the sport but they are also the most visible bowling ambassadors. Learn more about team members and Team USA programs at and