It has been said that no one has ever been more qualified and ready to be President of the United States than George HW Bush. When it comes to the leadership of the National Bowling Association, the same can be said of Dewann Clark, who began his rise to the top office of TNBA when he was elected one of only eight “youth leaders” to be attended the association’s annual conference while still at school.

In this table video edition of The Bowlers Journal Podcast, Clark talks to BJI’s Bob Johnson about how bowling saved him from going down an awful path that took so many of his friends, how he got a chance to become the first African -American who joined the Greater Los Angeles Junior All-Star Travel League and later was named director of that prestigious league, a special bowling alley that was a beacon of light after the 1992 riots that inspired the release of police officers in the Rodney King collision case, as the TNBA serves as a model of civilization amid today ‘s riots fueled by the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, and much more.

You’ll also want to hear Clark’s stories about three of the archers he coached in the GLAJAS Travel League: Mark Baker, Randy Pedersen and George Branham III.

See Parts 1 and 2 of the interview below.

Part 1:

Part 2: