Ed Carlson’s recommendation and demonstration
Please note that when choosing a ball, Carlson puts both palms on it in such a way that they are parallel to the sides of the stand. The ball is supported with both hands at waist level, and its entire weight falls on the left palm. This is done so that the ball can be quickly picked up in the right hand.

The correct way to pick up the ball from the stand is the weight is evenly distributed over both hands and the fingers will not be injured by falling into the holes provided for them.

The ball is lifted with both hands to the level of the waist before its weight falls almost entirely on the right palm.

With the ball resting in the palm of your left hand, your right hand is ready to pick it up.

The ball is practically in the send position after it has been gripped.

Photos showing how not to pick up a ball show that if you are careless when picking up a ball, your fingers can pinch or even cripple the balls that roll onto the stand. Also, if you grasp the ball with two fingers by the holes drilled in it, you could dislocate your hand or arm.

Wrong way of picking up the ball You can seriously injure your fingers if another ball rolls onto the stand and knocks the one next to your palm.

This is also the wrong way of picking up the ball. You can injure your fingers or the palm of your hand.

General Provisions
If you want to be a good bowling player, you first need to master the basics, and then think about how to score points, how to play on different lanes, how to polish the technique of sending the ball-hook or how to aim correctly. Start from the beginning and move from mastering one element of the game to another. Try to master the correct footwork first. Try all three systems — three, four, and five step runs — before settling on one. When this element becomes completely natural for you, move on to mastering the second.

Follow your game
While mastering the secrets of bowling, mistakes will haunt you at first. It is likely that you will not be aware of the fact that you are doing them, so ask someone who would follow you from the outside, who would appreciate your technique in general, so that you can be sure that you are performing all the technical elements correctly. Have this person follow you as you move the ball away from your chest; how natural, measured and light your steps are; Are you swinging right? whether you slide as you should; Are your shoulders unfolded in relation to the pins? whether you send the ball over the line of throw; do not you take your right hand away from the body when swinging and whether you are performing the final movement correctly.

Your own ball
Acquiring a bowling ball is an important step in the learning process of bowling, as having the right ball will give you confidence and improve your technique. If you use the balls of the sports center, this means that the same ball will not hit you often, and the constant change of them has a very negative effect on the game. Don’t feel like you are strengthening your fingers with a ball with two finger holes. Almost all top-class stars use balls with three finger holes. This helps to both reduce the strain on fingers and hands and increase the efficiency of the ball control.

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