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The Perseverance of PWBA Bowler Amanda Vermilyea

The definition of perseverance is as follows: persistence in doing something despite the difficulty or delay in achieving success. If you’re looking for an example to help you understand the meaning, we give you Amanda Vermilyea, a member of the Hammer staff.

Amanda’s first success

Growing up, Amanda always dreamed of winning a PWBA title. This led her to work hard to become one of the best cakes in the country.

His success started in 1999 when he won the Youth Master Championship at just 14 years old. He then went on to take the David Dahm Sportsmanship Award at the Junior Gold Championships. Things took off later.

Amanda won a spot in the 2003-2006 Junior Team USA as well as the 2004-2007 Team USA. He also won the prestigious Alberta E Crowe Star of Tomorrow in 2004.

After his initial success, it was time to bring his skills to the world of college bowling.

During her years at the Nebraska College Bowling Center, Amanda was part of the 2004 and 2005 NCAA National Championship team. She ended her college career by joining the 2007 NTCA National Player of the Year and the Hero Leadership Award that same year.

You could say he was on the fast track to success.

Mrs. Vermilyea found the first successes in the search of her dreams with a professional title when doing retransmissions of feminine television of the United States in 2007 and 2008.

Amanda’s adversity

Then life raised its ugly head, as it usually does sometimes.

Amanda was born with a disease called Klippel-feil syndrome, which is a congenital musculoskeletal disease characterized by the fusion of at least two vertebrae in the neck. The most common symptoms include a short neck, low hairline on the back of the head, and restricted mobility of the upper spine. This caused him to be born with natural fusion of C3-C4 and to restrict mobility along with scoliosis.

The fact that I have had all the success mentioned above in dealing with this condition is not at all surprising.

Unfortunately in 2009 Amanda suffered a setback with her health.

According to Ms. Vermilyea, “the parts of my spine that were not fused decided they were worn out and my doctor decided it was time to fuse the remaining vertebrae. I am currently fused from C2-T2 (Cervical2-Thoracic2).”

Refusing to give up her dreams, Amanda was determined to get back on track, but life hadn’t just put major obstacles in her way.

In August 2014 it was discovered that Amanda had a brain tumor (ganglioglioma) in her left temporal lobe. This caused her to have daily seizures and her body to break a little more each day.

Luckily I was able to eliminate this and, according to Amanda, “the Mayo Clinic saved my life.”

It would be easy to throw in the towel, focus on your family, and give up on your dreams. The amount of work, pain, time, and mental toughness it would take to match botar a bowling ball again would be excessive, so what were the chances that she might get back to where she was before these setbacks?

Amanda’s perseverance

However, Amanda does not stop smoking.

Quoting Theodore Roosevelt: “Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain and difficulty.”

Amanda started slowly doing foul line drills before working up to a three-step delivery and finally returned to a four-step with a push.

In 2018 he decided to return to competitive bowling by signing up for the 2018 USBC Queens event.

After 15 grueling matches, he finished with an average of 201. It was good enough for 97th, missing the top cut of the 64 but 100 pins.

His place in the standings certainly doesn’t tell the whole story. She competed. He finished all 15 games. She survived.

The road to Mrs. Vermilyea’s redemption had just begun.

Competing at the 2019 Women’s Championships in Wichita, KS, Amanda managed to score 618 in doubles, 709 in singles and a fantastic 789 in team for a score of all 2116 events that was good enough for a 5th final place in All events of the Diamond division.

“I felt great to be out there and compete with my teammates,” Amanda said. “During the event I used a combination of a Columbia300 Savage Life, a Web Hammer and a Solid Hammer Statement. I even managed to have the front 9 with both Savage Life and the Web during the event.”

To top off what has already been an incredible year, Mrs. Vermilyea was also included in the MJBT (Minnesota Junior Bowlers Tour) and the Minnesota State Hall of Fames. Her husband, Erik, was admitted to the MJBT hall.

With the end of the 2019 PWBA season, Amanda will continue her career at Prime Therapeutics, where she is a senior administrative assistant and also competes as many times as she can on the rails.

During his downtime he enjoys walking with his six-year-old son PJ and his dog Colby.

“Walking helps me stay strong and healthy for cakes and helps improve my overall health,” she said.

Amanda refuses to give up, refuses to stay down and in 2020 will take to the rails again to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a PWBA champion.

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