Storm axiom

If you’re looking to make a statement when you get back on track (hopefully late), the new Storm Axiom is a great choice.

Storm has given us an improvement in the NRG coverstock with the new NeX (Nano Extreme). The NeX Solid is a true early lane reader, but it doesn’t sacrifice anything in the backend reaction area.

Let’s take a quick look at the core. The Axiom introduces us to the orbital core, which fits very well with the initial read NeX coverstock due to its low RG. This combined core / cap helps prevent the ball from changing direction in the lane. The idea of ​​a bit of predictability sounds pretty good these days. And this ball does exactly what you want it to do.

The details of this ball are best suited for medium to heavy oil. So even though it is a top middle performance ball, if you are buying in the high performance category, it may be best suited to see a ball like the new Axiom. You probably have what you’re looking for, all new technology, handles oil well, reads the rails early, backend reaction, predictability. Check the details. Read customer questions and answers. Read the reviews. Then catch this ball. It will do you good and we will give you something to look forward to as we all wait for the tracks to reopen.

Features of the Storm Axiom:

  1. Color: sky blue / navy blue / slate
  2. Coverstock: NeX Solid Reactive
  3. Perfume: Blueberry Muffin
  4. Core: Orbital (14-16 #)
  5. Finish: Abralon of 3000 gra
  6. RG: 2.48 (15 # ball)
  7. Differential: 0.050 (15 # ball)
  8. Recommended lane condition: Medium-heavy oil
  9. Hook potential: high
  10. Duration: early
  11. Ball performance: higher average performance balls

Watch a video about Storm Axiom:

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