ARLINGTON, Texas – The United States Bowls Congress (USBC) has moved the start date for the USBC 2020 Women’s Open and Championships to May 23, 2020, and will extend the tournaments by several more weeks to allow teams to reschedule flexibility.

“USBC’s mission is to hold Open Women’s Championships in 2020 and crown champions in these signing events,” said USBC Managing Director Chad Murphy. “Moving forward, USBC will update the start date based on current conditions and the start-up movement back in the calendar as needed. ”

USBC will announce an update with any changes to the start date of the weekly USBC Open and Women ‘s Tournaments.

An updated reserved calendar will be available by March 19, 2020, which includes extended team dates for the Open Championships through August 29, 2020. The Women’s Championships will be extended through July 31, 2020. The goal is give teams maximum flexibility move their dates to later in the year, keep their usual reservation, or move to earlier dates, as circumstances change.

All teams have the option to move their dates in the calendar at any time, using the online booking system or by contacting the USBC messenger service. Teams can move dates as often as they like. USBC will also allow favorite teams to withdraw a full refund of their applications or submit their full entry fee for the 2021 tournament without penalty.

“We understand that in these challenging times, everyone’s situation will be different,” Murphy said. “Our message is that we intend to hold these events when it is safe to do so and to give our archers the opportunity to compete, even if that means running the end of year events.

“We will continue to look at opening more weekend dates as required, to give teams the flexibility to move. We are ready to open dates for September and October for the 2020 Open Championships, subject to circumstances. ”

Registration for next year’s event, USBC’s 2021 Open Championships in Las Vegas, opens according to the schedule, starting Monday, March 23, at 11 a.m. (East Side).