Motif Desert Tank Pearl

We were all there. We try our best to keep our ball reactive in the lane, but no matter how far we move and how we throw it, it looks like we can’t keep the ball under control in the lightest to driest lane conditions. Do we really take out the spare ball and consider using it the rest of the way? Why can’t there be a ball that handles the drier conditions with a more tamed hook potential that still gives you the performance you loved on your high-end reactive balls but that works in the desert wastelands. Motiv may have only the solution to recover it.

For years Motiv has had great success in its Tank line, which has helped relaunch urethane balls in conversation as a must-have option in your bag. The Desert Tank Pearl is no exception. The combination of the best of both worlds with the urethane movement, but then reactive, is what the pearl version of the Friction + Microcell Polymer coverstock will do. Then Motiv listened to those cakes that needed something with better control in those high friction conditions, bringing in the new Flux core to help with a lower differential and give you a smoother, more controlled reaction than any of the previous tanks. Also the 2000 grit LSS finish helps to pair well with the coverstock so that this ball is ideal for a player dominant in speed to have great traction.

So if you’re looking for an option for lighter to drier lane conditions, but that will still give you a smooth reaction on the tracks that’s very controllable, check out the new Motiv Desert Tank Pearl in the mid-performance category and you won’t be disappointed. No arsenal is complete without a tank. Take a look at the specs below and watch the video to see how this exciting new ball works.

Features of Motiv Desert Tank Pearl:

  1. Color: sand (all colors vary slightly from the image shown)
  2. Coverstock: Frixion + Pearl Microcell Polymer
  3. Core: Flow
  4. Finish: 2000 Grit LSS
  5. Reaction: Controllable motion in high friction rail conditions
  6. Recommended lane condition: Light Oil
  7. RG: 2.57 (15 # ball)
  8. Differential: 0.015 (15 # ball)
  9. Ball performance: Medium performance balls

Watch a video about Motiv Desert Tank Pearl:

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