Jackal Alpha Motiv

In 2020 Motiv continues to innovate by adding to the popular Jackal bowling ball line. It’s not just a hype when we say the last of Motiv, the new Alpha Jackal changes the game. The alpha jackal gives you more than you expect producing an incredible hook but with overwhelming control and continuity. It has a stronger solid reactive coverstock in the Coercion HV3 than any other ball in the line. And the core of this high-performance masterpiece is the Predator V2 asymmetric weight block. What does that do for you? It maximizes revs and flare tracks through the low RG and high differential.

If you’re looking for something new in 2020 that is a beast with heavy oil, this Motiv bowling ball is one of your best bets. Take a look at the specs below and watch the video to see how this exciting new ball works.

Features of Motiv Alpha Jackal:

  1. Color: purple / blue (all colors vary slightly from the image shown)
  2. Coverstock: Reactive Solid HV3 Coercion
  3. Core: Predator V2
  4. Finish: 2000 Sanding Laser Scan
  5. Reaction: strong hook with devastating control and continuation
  6. RG: 2.47 **
  7. Differential: 0.054 **
  8. Recommended lane condition: Heavy Oil
  9. Ball performance: high performance balls

Watch a video about Motiv Alpha Jackal:

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