The four-step rule

Billy Velu Recommendations and Demonstration
Just as you cannot learn how to drive a car without spending a certain amount of time behind the wheel, it is impossible to master the art of bowling without adopting the correct stance, otherwise you will be haunted from the very beginning. Correct starting position of your body on the back line in the take-off zone is a must if you are going to learn how to play well. Getting too low or holding the ball incorrectly will throw you out of rhythm and lose your balance, leading to the wrong ball sending. If you position yourself too far from the line of throw, you will involuntarily lengthen your steps or rush to it too hastily. Being very close to the line of throw, you run the risk of committing a foul or subconsciously shortening your steps, which will negatively affect your speed and natural coordination of movements. Billy Velu shows three of the most common starting positions in the accompanying photographs. Using the first of these stances, in which the body should be held straight and the ball just above the waist, Velu offers one of the three starting positions depicted below, the choice of which depends on how much it suits you.

In the first case, as you can see, the body is in a strictly upright position and relaxed, while the ball is located slightly above the waist level, and its weight falls on the left hand. Velu’s shoulders are oriented parallel to the throw line, and the left foot protrudes slightly forward. “If you don’t have any balance problems,” he notes, “it doesn’t really matter if your feet are in line or one behind the other. A natural and comfortable posture is the most important prerequisite for a starting position as long as balance is maintained. ”

The fundamental difference between the second starting position, demonstrated by Velu, is that the ball is raised to the level of the chest. This position is convenient for a number of players.

Many bowling pros feel more relaxed if they are leaning at the start, but Velu warns against leaning more than he does in third ward. “If you lean too much,” he explains, “you will most likely miss the start and lose your rhythm. The ball should not be too low from the waist level, otherwise, under the influence of its weight, you will not be able to maintain balance. It is customary to hold the ball straight in front of you in the center of the chest and at the distance between the chin and the level of the belt, while slightly bending the knees. ”

The distance from the line of throw to the starting stance depends on the number and size of your steps during the takeoff run. Generally speaking, you can be 12-16 feet from the line of throw. The easiest and easiest way to find your starting position is to take three and a half steps from the starting line with a three-step take-off run, four and a half steps with a four-step take-off run, and five steps from the baseline with a five-step take-off run. Having chosen the appropriate place for the take-off run, you can easily adjust it, excluding non-income or transition.

To summarize the above for your starting position, consider the following:
1. Get into a comfortable upright position with your knees bent slightly so that your shoulders are parallel to the throw line.

2. Hold the ball so that it is comfortable for you, between your waist and chin, in the center of your body so that its weight is on your left hand.

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