What has not been prohibited by the authorities in the long history of mankind – even bowling. And even – more than once.

This harmless sports game was recognized as idle, then gambling, in England and America it was banned from time to time.
In Great Britain, bowling (although it became known as bowling only in the 19th century) has been played since the 20th century. But the attitude to the game was uneven. Bowling was considered common and unworthy of a real gentleman. And the game of balls was the other way around – only for aristocrats. How did they distinguish it? Each had its own set of rules. Aristocratic bowling only in the 15th century found the first closed lanes in London – they were called alleys.
Bowling in Britain has been persecuted and banned. The very first known persecutor is King Edward III. He considered bowling a dangerous game of chance and banned it everywhere. But he, perhaps, had reasons for this: instead of training and strengthening morale, his soldiers “drove balls across the field” for days on end. Already in this story, one can see the power of bowling over its adherents, and the discontent of the authorities.
By the time bowling moved to America, it was firmly banned in England and was played only in taverns. This was the case at first among the English settlers on the American continent. The Dutch, who actually were the first to play balls in America, also treated him unevenly: they played, then they blamed.
Often, when bowling was banned, players would come up with a workaround and still play. When bowling was banned by a referee in the 18th century, a game with the suspicious name “blow justice” appeared in its place. It resembled a bowling alley – balls, lanes … But instead of pins, there are 9 holes, into which you need to drive the balls into the trash. Nobody guessed. Inflate justice did not take root as a form of bowling, but a later ban in the United States gave bowling its current form.
Then bowling began to be played for money, and the authorities banned the dangerous game with 9 pins. And so it was in the official ban. Then – what to do – added one more point. After all, the game with 10 pins was not prohibited!

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