When players think about choosing their own personal bowling ball, it becomes a real problem. After all, the variety of choice of balls from different manufacturers, with different characteristics is so great! How do you choose the right personal ball that will suit your current needs and, most importantly, your training?

There are several factors to look out for, I will try to help you make the right decision.

  • Ball weight.
  • Your throwing speed.
  • Is this your first balloon or the next in your arsenal?
  • Are you spinning the ball or throwing it in a straight line?
  • Big hook or smaller hook?
  • For training or for a tournament?

These factors will determine which ball is best for you.

Ball weight

If this is your first personal ball, there are several ways to determine the correct ball weight.

At the bowling center, bring a couple of rolling balls of different weights. If you can easily toss a ball with both hands and catch it, this is too easy a ball for you. And if, in order to toss a ball with both hands, you have to swing, straining your back or your knees, this ball is too heavy for you. Choose average. I can imagine how the bowling center employees will look at you when you start tossing balls …

Therefore, I like the next way more. Take the ball and hold it in front of you with outstretched arms for one minute. If, after a minute, your hands drop from powerlessness, this is your weight. Longer is too light, faster is too heavy.

But there is another rule that works for those who have been playing bowling with rolling balls for a long time. You can add one pound to the weight of a rolling ball that you usually play in a bowling center to get the weight of your first personal ball. The point is, rolling balls don’t fit your hand perfectly. But when the pro-shop drills the ball exactly in your hand, the ball will be much easier to hold. So you won’t even feel one pound of weight gain over the usual weight of a rolling ball.

Ball speed

If you have a tendency to throw the ball hard at a high initial velocity, a bowling ball with matte surface. If you are throwing the ball very slowly, a polished bowling ball is your best bet.

If you want to add a new ball to your arsenal, you first need to determine what is missing from your old ball. Does your old ball have too much hook? Or insufficient? If your old ball makes a too strong hook, choose a polished ball or a ball with a symmetrical core. If your old ball’s hook isn’t good enough, look for a matte finish or particle ball with an asymmetrical core or high RG differential.

For training, if your ball speed is very slow or your spin speed is very high, an asymmetrical core with a lightly polished surface will be the best choice.

Bowling tournament ball

For tournament play, if you have to choose one type of bowling ball to give you consistent ball response on most oil programs, a symmetrical ball with a polished reactive surface is your best bet. If played on long, heavy oil, an aggressive matte finish will give better response.

If you are looking for a ball for the second throw, for finishing spareA polyester plastic ball may be your best option.

The plastic ball has little or no hook. This is good because then the condition of the track has no effect on the movement of the ball. You don’t need a hook to knock down one remaining pin. The ball can simply hit the pin in a straight line to knock it down. The Brunswick Target Zone series balls will be the best choice for this purpose.

  • Target Zone Razzle Dazzle
  • Brunswick Target Zone Indigo Swirl

Correct ball weight and grip are the most important factors in determining the correct bowling ball. Bowling ball surface type is the next important factor when choosing a bowling ball.

The more important and more difficult task is to match the type of surface of the ball with the type of core, in order to generally determine the style and trajectory of the ball that you are looking for.

No bowling ball works the same on all lanes. If you want your game to become better and more competitive in different lane conditions in the league or in tournaments, you will have to expand your arsenal and acquire the next personal ball to play. There is no limit to perfection …

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