Game or ritual?

Game or ritual?

Today’s bowling players do not think about where bowling came from, what are the goals of creating this game, and whether it was even conceived as a game … Ancient pins and similar balls, which are more than several thousand years old, are still found today. But the reasons for the appearance are called different.

One of the German researchers of the origin of bowling, William Pel, came to the conclusion that pins that existed before were not just “pawns” in the bowling game. They were the prototype of the pagan gods in the 3rd century AD – such importance was attached to them by the adherents of the new faith, who were fighting paganism in Germany.

The weapon that existed in Germany at that time was called a kegel. Embodying paganism in a pin, they put it indoors and tried to knock it down. The winner, who put most of all his strength into the destruction of the old religion, was honored with a feast.

The cause of the bowling alley cannot be determined with certainty. But history shows how it has evolved throughout its existence.

For example, the number of pins was not always 10, as in modern bowling. For a long time it was customary to play with 9 pins, which is much more difficult than knocking down 10. The tracks were made of clay, slate, ash, wood …

But, we can say for sure that the most loyal fans of this game have always been and still are the Germans. The rest of the countries began to realize that the game has a right to exist only in the 15th century.

But, despite the dedication of the Germans to this game, most of the centers that satisfy the needs of bowlingers are in Japan.

Now bowling equipment is made of high quality so that lanes, balls and pins serve as long as possible. And more and more people are beginning to recognize this game as a worthy sport in which it is worth making a career, achieving the most cherished heights.

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