Bowling lane texture

Considering the dynamics of the game, you should choose high quality and durable equipment. A bowling alley must meet all safety requirements and withstand loads. Therefore, great importance is attached to the choice of its coverage. It can be synthetic and natural – made of wood.

Synthetic coating

Synthetic laminate flooring was an innovative discovery that belongs to Professor L.B. Kelly. It was he who suggested that one popular institution use such material secretly from the players and watch their reactions.

He planned to solve the problems that wood texture created. But, it took many years for this.

Externally, plastic panels are no different from wooden ones, because they depict a pattern that imitates wood. They are easy to assemble and disassemble, which provides quick access to faulty mechanisms.

Advantages of synthetic tracks:

  • Resistant to moisture;
  • Do not delaminate;
  • Long lasting;
  • They are quickly dismantled.

Wood covering

For the manufacture of such tracks, two types of wood are used: pine and maple. The pavement is designed so that the pine serves as an interlayer between the maple, which is responsible for the stability of the pavement under heavy loads.

Wooden paths are regularly coated with varnish and special oil.

Despite the demanding care, this design is also in demand. After many years of rivalry between these two options, wood flooring is now also not lagging behind synthetic in popularity. With proper maintenance, the flooring:

  • Possesses good strength;
  • Durable – will last about 50 years;
  • Dismantled by element;
  • Provides perfect glide of the ball on the way to the pins;
  • Produces clear and soft sounds;
  • Adapts to any polish.

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