In the turbulent XX century alone, everything was for the first time in bowling: the first competitions, tricks and champions. Those who have become a living history of bowling in their faces.

Perhaps the first player whose name remained important to history was Enrico Marino… Already in 1916 he became the champion – won the American Bowling Championship of the Congress. Further – an absolute victory at the Olympic Games in Berlin in 1936. Bowling is grateful to Marino for the first collegiate team – he was a coach at the University of Chicago from 1919 to 1923.

Andrew Varipapa… He holds the first stunning records: 2652 points in 10 games Varipapa took in 1935, in 1947 he for the first time in the history of bowling won the second consecutive tournament “All Stars”. Varipapa was a real bowling star: he played brightly and easily. Actually, Varipapa was the first to show trick throws, one might say, invented them. Bowling became almost an art with him. The athlete was often recorded on video, he was the first to demonstrate skill in exhibition tours. Varipapa turned out to be not only a bright player, but also a stable one: at the age of 55 and 56, he took two victories in a row in the All Stars tournament.

Dick Weber! In 1966, he won the US Open for the fourth time in five years. For 50 years in a row, the athlete won the PBA titles, a record that has not been repeated by anyone – winning 72 PBA tournaments in a row. Team Budweiser, in which Weber played since 1958, set a record of 3.858 points, until 1994 unbeatable.

Ernie Schlegel. This player is remembered by bowling for his bright style. Schlegel was the first to wear sunglasses in 1976. Schlegel owes the nickname “bicentennial guy” to his bright suit dedicated to the 200th anniversary of US Independence. His record – participation in 817 games of the PBA Tour.

Playing now Norm Duke went down in history as the youngest bowling winner. At 18, he won the 1983 PBA Cleveland Open, beating four PBA champions, including Earl Anthony. Norm Duke is an athlete who is loved by the audience. Ego performance is always a show, he is a master of stunt throw. Norm Duke throws twisted throws, throws a strike, launching the ball with a towel.

Earl Anthony became the first millionaire bowler. In 1982, he earned a million, the largest cash prize ever in bowling. Earl Anthony set the most honorable record – no one surpassed him in the total number of victories in different tournaments in different years. Anthony twice repeated a brilliant streak of victories: twice for three years in a row, he became the champion of the PBA.

Mika Yohani Koivuniemi became the first non-American athlete to win the ABC Masters and the US Open. Moreover, in these most prestigious tournaments, Koivuniemi took his first titles. Now he lives with his family in the United States.

Don Carter… His journalists called him the greatest bowler. Carter has 6 PBA National Tour victories and 5 ABC tournaments.

Following the results of the past century, Bowling Magazine has compiled a list of the 20 best bowlers. The first three places were taken by Dick weber, Earl Anthony and Don Carter..

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