Bowling device in a private house


Do you like bowling, but do not have enough free time to visit the corresponding establishments? Then why not make your dreams of a fun pastime and relaxation come true right at home? We, the BowlExpert team, offer to install a bowling alley in a private house. This is a great solution for family holidays, long-awaited weekends and just meeting with friends.

You can order a standard set of equipment with one track or a complete project.

Bowling equipment

The design consists of several parts:

The tracks are the first thing that catches your eye. They can withstand heavy loads during operation. Consist of support and panels. Their installation begins with marking the floor in the room. Next, the support frame is assembled, the systems for returning the balls are mounted, and only then they move on to the rest of the elements;

  • Pinspotters – a device that collects pins;
  • Engine area – a mechanism separated by a camouflage panel;
  • Electronics – represented by a control computer. It is connected to all mechanisms, providing it with a separate power point and a UPS – this is how it prevents power surges;
  • Camouflage panels – perform a decorative and noise-insulating function. This canvas is fixed over the tracks and covers the machine mechanism with a colorful image. The drawing can be selected individually for the interior of your home;
  • A recreation area is a place that is not heavily stressed, like the walkways or the engine room. Ball racks, chairs and tables can be installed to add realism and the atmosphere of a real bowling center.

Our offer

Our company BowlExpert offers to buy home bowling at attractive prices – they are much more profitable than competitive ones. You can choose any option from the presented assortment, based on your preferences and wishes.

We guarantee not only the affordable cost of the equipment, but also the quality of the prompt installation. After installation, employees will check and adjust the equipment. Call or email us for ordering details and exact pricing.

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