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Bowling club is an institution where people with different interests and hobbies like to gather and relax. The task of the design project of such a place is to combine all the parts into a single composition. At the same time, the portrait of the target consumers is taken into account.

Where do they start

One of the main guidelines at the beginning of the design is the profitability and competitiveness of the organization. Today, there is quite serious competition in this industry. Therefore, the bowling alley interior should not only attract potential visitors, but also entice them.

Every design process starts with a peer review. Designers study the layout, develop a concept for all areas of the establishment. Modern materials and the latest technologies are used to create recreation areas and other areas of the entertainment center. The client and the designer study the styles of popular centers not only of their city or country, but also of foreign establishments.

The functionality of the interior consists of the location of the necessary equipment, adherence to the technological process and strict regulations of the brand book. All work is carried out in accordance with special requirements.

What are the requirements

The designer faces several daunting challenges. For example, in order to reduce noise in the area of ​​the paths, suspension systems made of mineral wool are installed. They play an acoustic role, but at the same time they should also allow the necessary level of lighting of the playing area to be integrated seamlessly. All of these requirements apply to the creation of ceilings.

Internal walls are sheathed from available materials, which have both pros and cons. For example, acoustic plates insulate sound well, but this option will not suit everyone with its cost.

Plaster makes the walls monotonous, does not have good sound insulation, is not resistant to scratches, but it is cheap and requires easy maintenance.

Mirrors are used for the original decoration of the walls. They visually enlarge the room, but not sufficiently isolate noise.

There are also requirements for materials for arranging the floor. They shouldn’t need special care. And the best option is carpet. It can be simple and bouclé.

How to make the interior original

One of the chips that can be used is the design of the VIP zone. It is created on the principle of such sites in children’s entertainment centers. Usually a territory or a separate room is allocated for it. Thanks to such zones, clients spend evenings in a narrow friendly circle, celebrate family holidays or business events.

Comfort and interior are what is important to consider for the design of the zone. The appropriate music and lighting are chosen here.

The main rule of creating the perfect design is finding experienced and creative professionals. We, the Bowlexpert team, are full of interesting and original ideas. Call the indicated numbers and choose us: our specialists will carefully consider your wishes, develop a project, make the necessary corrections at any stage, install and prepare the equipment for work.

Done with

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