Amanda Vermilyea

Many talented female competitors have dreamed of trying their luck on the PWBA Tour. But Amanda Vermilyea is no ordinary dream.

Her debut on the U.S. Junior Team in 2003 was the first of eight joint appearances on the U.S. Junior Team between the youth and adult teams. She won national titles with the Nebraska Huskers in 2004 and 2005, earning MVP honors during that last title run and setting the record for the highest average at an NCAA Tournament event (251.75).

In 2007 and 2008, she performed backstage shows at the U.S. Women’s Open. Vermilyea seemed to be fulfilling her dream of ranking among the greatest female mattresses in the world and perhaps, if the women’s journey ever began, fulfilling her lifelong dream to win the PWBA Tour title.

In 2009, however, he was diagnosed with a rare spinal condition that was plagued by paralysis and paralysis seizures. She then underwent spinal fusion surgery which left her almost completely without the range of motion of the neck. In 2014, she underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor.

Despite these difficulties, she returned to competition and, in 2019, averaged 235 for nine games in the USBC Women’s Championships to finish 5th in the prestigious Diamond All-Events (Hall of Famer) USBC Kelly Kulick that year).

Then came other health problems. Although Vermilyea believed that her brain tumor was completely removed in 2014, she learned in early 2020 that only part of it was removed, and that the part cannot be worked on. which is left due to its location within a speech-enabling area of ​​its brain.

“It’s a slow-growing tumor, so I’m thankful there,” Vermilyea said.

In the meantime, doctors have examined her with what is known as a “neurological function disorder” that still causes seizures.

However, despite all this, a member of the Nebraska Athletics Hall of Fame 2020 class named Jan. 4 of “The Morning Bolt” reveals its mission to rekindle its lifelong dream of winning the PWBA Tour title. Vermilyea plans to at least bowl the PWBA Twin Cities Open, which is scheduled to be questioned April 22-24 at Cedarvale Lanes in Eagan, Minnesota, the city where she will be working as a supporter administered by Prime Therapeutics. Vermilyea expressed interest in bowling the PWBA Lincoln Open, the PWBA Cleveland Open, and the USBC Queens.

If you missed the July 2019 episode of The Bowlers Journal Podcast where Vermilyea discussed her inspiring performance at this year’s USBC Women’s Championships, you can listen to it now here: / podcast-amanda- vermilyeas-induced-comeback-from-cancer-spinal-surgery

We’ll have a lot more about Vermilyea’s amazing story in the February issue of Bowlers Journal International.