Why do you need special bowling shoes?

Why do you need special bowling shoes?

Bowling is not only fun, but also a sport. And like any other sport, it also requires certain equipment. In this article we will tell you why bowling requires special shoes, what they are, how to choose the right shoes and how to take care of them.

Why you need special bowling shoes

Bowling shoes are offered for three reasons:

  1. Playback cover protection. The fact is that dirt, sand, small stones stuck in the sole of the outer shoes can damage the surface of the track.
  2. Convenience of visitors. Special footwear ensures the comfort and convenience of your feet, because if you come to bowling in the winter, you will be uncomfortable in a hot room because of the warm outdoor shoes.
  3. Game security. A prerequisite for such shoes is good sliding soles. If your outdoor shoes don’t slip well enough, you can easily stumble, fall, and injure yourself.

Bowling shoes

Bowling shoes can be roughly divided into three types:

  1. Shoe rental or general purpose. These are boots for amateurs who play several times a year, or even less often. Each bowling alley has special shoes of different sizes. It suits everyone equally, regardless of gender and age. You can take the boots while the game lasts and then return them. Make sure the boots are the right size for you as otherwise it will be uncomfortable to play with. The disadvantage of this option is that a huge number of people have worn these shoes before you. If you are clumsy enough and doubt the quality of shoe care, it is better to reject this option.
  2. Sports. From the outside, these boots look like sneakers. This option is great for those who regularly play bowling at the same club. They can rent or buy their own pair.
  3. Professional footwear. This is not an option for amateurs, but for professionals. If you often play bowling clubs, spend all weekends there or even participate in tournaments, this option is for you. You can buy an individual set of professional shoes in a specialized store. From the minuses – it will cost a lot, from the pluses – quality. Moreover, the shoes will be worn only by you, you will not have to worry about whether the staff has performed the necessary disinfection, as is the case with rented boots.

Another advantage of professional footwear is that it is divided into left and right set, which ensures the necessary sliding on the supporting foot. The sole of one shoe is made of soft rubber, and the other of leather. When choosing professional equipment, consider which side is leading you.

How to choose bowling shoes

If you choose shoes to rent, make sure you get the right size. Put on your shoes, walk in them: the shoes should not press, rub and be too loose.

If you are buying a personal pair for yourself in a specialized store, you should choose it more carefully because you will be playing with these shoes for many months. First decide what type of special shoe you need: amateur, sports or professional.

Put them on, walk around, feel how comfortable you are. If you want to take off your shoes as soon as possible, this is not your option.

Look at the manufacturer, the quality of seams and materials, carefully consider the sole, heel. This is especially important when looking for a professional pair, because these shoes are expensive and will be used regularly.

Professional bowling shoes have increased the protection of the seams, so they stay out of contact with the track when skating and will last you much longer.

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Shoe care

Shoes will delight you for much longer if you take proper care of yourself. If you rent shoes, the staff of the institution will take care of them. However, if you have a personal couple, keep an eye on everything you need:

  • hard brush;
  • fine sandpaper;
  • scotch tape
  • sponge, cloth;
  • nail polish remover or colorless skin cream.

After each use, wipe the boots with a sponge and detergent. Then wipe off excess moisture with a dry cloth and allow to dry naturally. Never blow dry with a hair dryer or any other means, shoes can lose their shape.

Use sandpaper, tape or a stiff brush to remove dirt that accumulates on the soles in a timely manner.

It is better to treat the surface of real leather with a special cleaning varnish or colorless cream for leather products. This will protect your boots from creases and cracks.

Store shoes in a special case. Never wear it outside the play area, where there is no special cover.

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