One of the best aspects of bowling is the simplicity and clarity of the rules of the game without any special training. It seems like it might be easier to get on the track and start throwing the ball to knock down as many pins as possible. Anyone is easy to train. However, it is very important to remember and observe simple rules of bowling. First of all, the rules of safety and mutual respect between players.

Safe use of equipment

First of all, you must be careful with the bowling ball and all other bowling equipment. Be sure to avoid playing with a high-raised ball, as well as dropping the ball from a great height onto the track, as this can cause serious damage to the track surface.

In addition, you need to pay attention to the automatic pin setter to avoid accidentally throwing your ball too early and hitting the pin cleaner. This is very “upsetting” for the bowling mechanic (between us, he is just mad about it) and can lead to a lot of damage to the equipment. Management may even ask you to leave.

You cannot step over the foul line, and even more so go out on the track. Not only because your spade will count as a miss, but because the lane is oiled immediately behind the foul line. You can slip and get injured, and if you are lucky enough to do without injury, you will stain the soles of your shoes with oil and crawling out of the track leave oil traces on the take-off zone, slipping on which someone will certainly get injured playing after you.

When removing the ball from the ball return device (ball-lift), never stick your hand inside and be sure to take the ball with both hands on the sides so that your hand does not get hit by another ball that suddenly jumped out of the ball-lift.

If you eat anything in between throws, before throwing: firstly – chew)), secondly, before taking the ball, make sure that your hands are dry and clean as it can slip out of your hand and injure your leg to you or someone else.

Finally, keep all of your bowling gear and personal items close to you or on the table because this is safer and will not trip over other bowlers.

Bowling etiquette. Unwritten rules.

In addition to these important safety tips, there are also some unspoken etiquette rules that are not directly rules of the game, but which you need to know in order to maintain an appropriate pace of the game and not upset other bowlers around you.

First, never enter the takeoff run until it is your turn to shoot. If the player on the right lane is in the process of throwing you should wait until he finishes because your exit may knock him out of spirits. As soon as your turn comes, confidently enter the take-off run and make your throw.

There is no need to distract the player on the lane with conversations at the moment when he makes a throw. It is very important for the player to concentrate on the throw, be patient and wait for a friend to close the frame so that you can discuss what is important to both of you.

Do not drag out the game with long phone calls, as this will delay other bowlers who are waiting for you.

After you have made your throw, avoid loud whoops or sudden sudden movements and return directly to your seat. While it can often be tempting to celebrate a successful throw, it will be very distracting to other players around you. Trust me, once you get back to your seat, you can show off to your friends. They will appreciate and will certainly congratulate you!

Try to be polite. Do not clash with players on adjacent tracks. Everyone comes to bowling only for positive emotions, and if your neighbor makes a strike, you can slap him in the palm of your hand as a sign of support. This is a common practice for all seasoned bowlers.

Considering these rules of the game, you will make your bowling safer and more fun; plus, you’ll have more confidence, which is the key to getting better results.

Good luck on the tracks!

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