Warp from the Brunswick Prism

If you take medium oil and need a high performance batter, boy, we have a good choice for you today. The new Brunswick Prism Warp is a great choice. This solid reactive ball from Brunswick actually throws the pins like shrapnel.

Brunswick gave us more duration and better continuity with this new ball from the Prism series. It’s easy to see why when you look at the portal core you have a very low RG with a high differential and intermediate differential. That core combined with the composite activator technology (ACT) 2.0 Solid Reactive coverstock also offers you some pretty impressive hooking potential. As we said before, this ball is built for medium oil, but you will get that sweet hooking action in various lane conditions. It also works well for different styles of cakes.

As a high-performance ball, it’s certainly not the cheapest option we sell, but one customer has already referred to Prism Warp as a “Pro-Performance” ball. Criticisms are starting to come in. And this ball seems to be universally enchanted. Then check the details. Make sure it is a good game for your game. Read customer questions and answers. Read the reviews. We won’t be surprised if you join all the other cakes that pick up this latest high-performance offer from Brunswick.

Deformation characteristics of the Brunswick prism:

  1. Core: Portal
  2. Coverstock: ACT (Activator Composite Technology) 2.0
  3. Core type: solid reagent
  4. Finish: 500, 2000 Siaair Micro Pad
  5. RG: 2.465 (15 # ball)
  6. Differential: 0.051 (15 # ball)
  7. Hook potential: high
  8. Duration: early
  9. Recommended lane condition: Medium
  10. Ball performance: high performance balls

Brunswick Prism Warp Video Preview:

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