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ARLINGTON, Texas – The United States Bowling Congress has announced a $ 3.5 million aid program to help support bowling among the masses. The move comes in response to the unprecedented losses in sports across the country due to the closure of COVID-19.

As part of the program, the USBC Board of Directors has approved an immediate transfer of $ 1.5 million from USBC investment funds directly to local USBC associations. An additional $ 200,000 will be available for USBC state associations in the form of additional prize money to their 2021 contests.

“USBC is predicting a 40% decline in league membership this season due to COVID-19,” said USBC Managing Director Chad Murphy. “The situation is financially devastating for many local bowling operators across the country. USBC has reserves for emergency, and we now believe this is the time to take some of that money away. use and help get back to the roots of our sport. “

The local aid program sends back at least $ 1 per member to all standard USBC local associations based on 2018-2019 membership numbers. Ordinary associations with less than 500 members will receive $ 500 in support, while the largest local association USBC will receive approximately $ 40,000.

“USBC does not impose any restrictions on how this money will be used in support of bowling,” said USBC President Melissa McDaniel. “We know that the needs of the local land are different everywhere and we will rely on our local associations to work with the archers and their owners to raise the assets. put to good use for the sport. “

The state association aid program provides $ 200,000 in funding for USBC state associations in the form of sponsorship prize money in addition to USBC state contest competitions. USBC state associations may opt-in to the program, with the level of funding for each state variable depending on the size of their membership. USBC plans to continue offering this $ 200,000 annual sponsorship pool to USBC state associations for the next 10 years.

“The state association support program will increase the value of participation for USBC state competitions for the next decade,” McDaniel said. “The program is designed to drive interest, participation and line-up for USBC state events. Participating states will be asked to add a sponsor name to their events, followed by a subsidy fund to receive a regular award for members for the next 10 years. “

USBC contacts state associations to share information on how to obtain funding. Further information on the USBC state association aid program, including the amount of funding available for each state, is published on