Ritger Memory: A look back at the main moment in the history of the PBA Tour At the end of 2018, 20-time PBA Tour champion and bowling coaching legend Dick Ritger, who died Aug. 27 at the age of 81, spoke to International Bowlers Journal Editor Gianmarc Manzione about getting a face-to-face chair to Johnson’s […]

Of course, in order to achieve high results in bowling, you need to make very serious efforts. Many factors contribute to this, but we stopped at the five most significant ones and here’s what we will advise … Tip 1. Buy a personal bowling ball Buying a bowling ball that’s just the right fit for […]

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Today’s bowling players do not think about where bowling came from, what are the goals of creating this game, and whether it was even conceived as a game … Ancient pins and similar balls, which are more than several thousand years old, are still found today. But the reasons for the appearance are called different. […]