Storm Omega Crux

The Core Catalyst is back thanks to Storm’s latest offering, the new Storm Omega Crux. This very popular core is so powerful and has a larger entry angle. In addition, vertical cavity technology and dynamic asymmetrical design make it an easy ball to drill, as it is much more tolerant of drilling errors.

The GI-20 coverstock (Game Improvement 2020) seeks to manage and improve performance in today’s challenging bowling environment. If you’re looking for that patina, hook and launch reaction on heavier oil, the new Omega Crux is your ball. You can recover from almost anywhere in the lane with this one.

If you’re shopping in the high-performance category, we know you’re looking for the latest technology, game improvement, the best lane handling (basically … knocking down most pins). This is the Storm bowling ball that needs to be grabbed right now. The new Omega Crux drills easily, handles oil, recovers well, hits hard and does so much more.

Features of Storm Omega Crux:

  1. Color: white / copper / graphite (all colors vary slightly from the image shown_
  2. Core: catalyst (asymmetric)
  3. Coverstock: GI-20 Pearl Reactive
  4. Finish: Abralon of 3000 gra
  5. RG: 2.50
  6. Differential: 0.052
  7. Recommended lane condition: Heavy Oil
  8. Perfume: Cinnamon
  9. Ball performance: high performance balls

Watch a video about Storm Omega Crux:

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