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Rogue Assassin motif

Motiv Bowling always works hard expanding and improving their ball training. And just like last year 2019 was a great year for one of our customers ’favorite brands. With its latest offering, Motiv has combined the proven Sigma core and Coercion HFS (high friction solid) reactive coverstock to form the unstoppable Rogue Assassin bowling ball. The Motiv Rogue Assassin is a good reference ball to control when facing moderately oiled rails. The ball reaction increases friction and maintains a controlled downward rail movement.

We have clients, like Ryan W. of Pennsylvania, who are already delighted with this new bowling ball. If you’re looking to launch a 300 like Ryan, you should definitely take a look at Motiv’s Rogue Assassin.

Features of Motiv Rogue Assassin:

  1. Color: solid black / dark navy (All colors vary slightly from the image shown)
  2. Core: Sigma
  3. Coverstock: Coercion HFS (High Friction Solid) Reagent
  4. Finish: 3000 GrS LSS
  5. RG: 2.47 **
  6. Differential: 0.047 **
  7. Recommended lane condition: Medium oil
  8. Ball performance: high performance balls

Watch a video about Motiv Rogue Assassin:

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