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Designing a space for an active bowling game involves taking into account many details and compliance. All linear parameters of the equipment are strictly regulated. Therefore, it is impossible to install it without taking into account the size of the future hall.

What are the standard sizes

Modern bowling equipment is installed according to standard dimensions. These include:

  • Track length, width and height;
  • The length of the take-off run;
  • Length of the machine mechanism;
  • The length of the recreation area;
  • The width of the aisles along the track;
  • The space between the columns, if any in the room.

      Recommendations and rules

      It is installed on a rectangular platform, the dimensions of which are determined taking into account the number of tracks and the space for the recreation area. It is recommended to set aside 80 m2 for the installation of the minimum equipment. And ideally – 94 m2 of the entire area, which fall on one track.

      The standard length of the track is 25.41 m. Its dimensions are observed up to 1 mm. They include a run-up area, the track itself and the machine mechanism.

      The width of the hall is determined by the number of tracks. And for side aisles, this parameter is calculated using the size of the building.

      The width for the side aisles should not be less than 0.5 m. Experts recommend 0.9 m. This will not only provide freedom for players to move, but also open access to the machine mechanism, the spare parts storage area and will allow for fire safety.

      Sizes of balls and pins

      In the process of creating balls, new samples are always tested. As a result of a positive test, the product is certified. Balls that meet the standards are labeled with the ABC / WIBC or PBA logo.

      Ball sizes:

      • Diameter – 21, 83 cm;

      • Circumference – 68.58 cm;

      • Weight – 2.7 – 7.2 kg.

      There are also standards for pins:

      • Height – 38.1 cm;

      • Width – 12 cm;

      • Weight – 1.5-1.6 kg.

      Any bowling center starts working only after an expert assessment and certification. Experts check the compliance of the equipment by dozens of parameters, including dimensions. And to get all the numbers right, contact Bowlexpert

      Call the indicated number or use a special application form for feedback. Our employees work efficiently, professionally and responsibly.

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