How to set up a bowling alley at home

Do you like to invite friends over and have fun together, but have all the entertainment been boring for a long time? We suggest setting up a home bowling alley. You are guaranteed to get not only one of the options for entertainment, but also provide yourself and your loved ones with physical activity. Just imagine how great it is to have fun with friends in a homely, cozy atmosphere?

What is needed for the organization

VIABowling provides a wide range of equipment. Contact us to order and buy the following bowling kits for your home:

  • One track with the rest of the equipment;
  • Standard track set with turnkey design.

Our employees will install the equipment in the shortest possible time and configure it. To find out the exact prices for products, services, call the indicated number or fill out the feedback form.

The nuances of installing a bowling alley in residential buildings

There are people who love this game so much that they are ready to place the equipment, living in multi-apartment high-rises. At the same time, there are not always technical floors between apartments. Hence the constant noise and discontent of neighbors.

All this is due to the incomplete isolation of impact noise or its complete absence. A few tips will help you solve the problem:

  • Install the “floating” floor structure in the play area and arrangement of mechanisms. It is a concrete screed separated from the ceiling by soundproofing material.
  • Install acoustic wall and ceiling cladding in the machine and play area.
  • Provide sound insulation of ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Soundproofing is one of the first points of organization that you should think about if you decide to install a bowling alley at home.

Despite such difficulties, prices for bowling equipment, all family members will be happy with such an undertaking: both adults and children. Just remember that spending time is not only fun, but also safe. Therefore, we recommend that you pay attention to additional developments. These are protective curtains that are located in the storage tables and protect the players’ hands from getting inside the mechanism. To find out other details or clarify points of interest, call the indicated number. Our experts are always happy to help and provide free advice to clients.

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