How to open your own bowling club


Want to open a bowling alley? This is no coincidence, because this game is one of the most popular leisure activities, which is not the last on the list of entertainment. Let’s take a closer look at how to open a bowling alley and where to start.

Main stages

Before starting your business from scratch, you need to research the market:

  • explore the region;
  • identify competitors;
  • analyze the preferences of local residents.

Taking into account the preferences of the target audience and its income, you should decide on the concept of the institution. The following models exist:

  1. Traditional bowling center. It can also house cafes, specialty shops, billiards, and other attractions. The income level of such a model will be 60-70%. The target audience is professional players and amateurs.
  2. Family entertainment center. In this case, bowling is the central area. As an addition, various attractions can be placed. It is necessary to provide for the possibility of holding children’s parties or corporate events. CA: families with children of preschool and school age.
  3. Small centers. The main direction is entertainment for young people. The main source of income is the sale of drinks and food, the main entertainment is bowling. Rides can also be installed.

Let’s move on to developing a business plan. It is compiled for a year or more. This way you can more accurately determine the payback time. You should take into account the amount of the initial capital and describe the main costs of advertising, purchase, delivery, installation and maintenance of equipment, rental and design of premises, preparation of the necessary documents, search, selection and salary of employees.

Next, a room is selected taking into account its location and size. The best option is a club in the city center or not far from residential buildings. Choose a room with an area of ​​500-1000 m22, not less than 40m long. It is necessary to provide an area for guests to play and rest. Calculate dimensions for one lane of about 100 m2… When planning, it is important to allocate space for toilets, reception, warehouse, cafe, wardrobe, bar, etc.

Opening cost

The main costs are the purchase of equipment:

  • tracks;
  • systems that maintain cleanliness;
  • pinsetters;
  • ball return systems.

How much does the technique cost? Prices for new equipment for one track start at 1.5 million rubles. The purchase of used equipment, the price of which starts from 400 thousand rubles, will help to save money. You also need to buy balls, pins, devices for counting and deducing points, shoes, furniture for the hall.

To keep your club running stably, entrust the installation of equipment to qualified specialists. Also, the success of a business depends on competent management and service personnel. Take their selection seriously.


Is it profitable to open a bowling club? A business idea requires a lot of financial costs. But, if the place is chosen correctly, then it pays off within 1-3 years. For example, an establishment with two lanes brings about 2-3.6 million rubles a year, with 10 lanes – about 2 million rubles a month. The profitability is 25%. The most promising option is a multi-format entertainment center that generates more profit. But opening it will require more investment.

The Bowlexpert company offers its services in opening a bowling business on a turnkey basis. Our qualified specialists will provide detailed information and help you open a profitable business.

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