Of course, in order to achieve high results in bowling, you need to make very serious efforts. Many factors contribute to this, but we stopped at the five most significant ones and here’s what we will advise …

Tip 1. Buy a personal bowling ball

Buying a bowling ball that’s just the right fit for you is a great way to take your game to the next level. A ball that is drilled to fit your grip and fits perfectly into your hand will be easier to hold and easier to throw. You can easily hold a heavier ball (usually 1 to 2 pounds heavier than the rolling ball you are used to playing in a bowling center). The heavier the ball – the more its inertial mass at the moment of hitting the pins – the stronger the blow and the likelihood of knocking all the pins off the court!

Tip 2: Join like-minded players

In Western bowling communities, this is called league play. Joining a league will give you the practice you need to dramatically improve your game. Not only will you get a lot of good practice, but you will also gain experience interacting with other bowlers of various qualifications, which can give you a lot of valuable advice. When paired with stronger players, you will arbitrarily begin to pull up both your level and skills.

Tip 3. Practice, practice, practice

It may sound trivial, but it is. Finding time to play at least one extra game during the week or over the weekend is the best way to significantly help your skill and level of play grow. Constant practice allows you to try new methods of play or make adjustments to old ones that you cannot test the night before the tournament. And what will help more than training to get used to the new ball? ..

Council 4. Learns to finish off the spa.

spare table

If you don’t knock out strike, you must do your best to finish off spare (spa) and close the frame. Taking most of the spare, it is quite easy to turn this not very successful game into a game. 150+… Let’s say you constantly shoot down 9 and finish off the frame. Thus, by the end of the game you will receive 190 points. Not bad at all, right?

Tip 5. Work with a coach.

If you want to improve your game quickly, individual training with a professional coach is the best solution. A bowling coach can teach you the best bowling techniques for your style (your run speed, throwing power, ball spinning speed) and suggest which bowling ball is best for you and why. In addition, the coach can provide you with valuable knowledge and advice on how to read the condition of the lane’s oil coating and how to improve your approach and throw. It will also promptly point out your mistakes that prevent you from making a successful and correct throw. From the side it is always more visible.

Whether or not to use our advice is up to you. Good luck on the tracks!

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