Like many other sports, bowling requires players to wear specific equipment. Today we’ll talk about bowling shoes. Choosing the right pair of shoes is much easier than you think.

And I am ready to share useful information with you in order to make the right choice. So let’s first take a look at the reason why it is so important to use special shoes when bowling.

Regular rental bowling shoes have slippery leather soles that your casual sneakers don’t have. These soles are available on both left and right boots for equal use by right-handed and left-handed bowlers.

Sliding soles on the shoe help to realize the basic principle of accurate and safe bowling. It’s a slip!

Accurate because the glide allows you to slow down smoothly before throwing. And the release of the ball will be more accurate, without jerking. And safe because sliding prevents sudden braking loads before throwing on the joints of your legs.

There are three types of bowling shoes: rental bowling shoes, sports shoes, and professional bowling shoes.

How to choose the right bowling shoes

Rental shoes

Rental shoes are a good choice if you only play bowling two to three times a year. However, if you plan to play more often or are joining a league, you will most likely want to invest in a pair of your own boots.

Sport shoes for bowling meets the needs of most advanced bowlers who play for results. These boots look like regular sneakers. They also have the usual sliding soft suede soles on both boots. These boots are good for bowlers who usually play once or twice a week at the same bowling alley. And their approach hardly changes.

  • Shoes man's Brunswick Clipper white-navy
  • Women's shoes Brunswick SilkBrunswick Plaid Women's Shoes

If you often play in different bowling centers and / or participate in tournaments, you probably want to buy professional shoes. These shoes are specially designed for the more intense bowling game and can be customized for different approaches and surfaces.

bowling shoes professional

Professional shoes with interchangeable soles

The peculiarity is that these shoes are made with different types of soles for each foot, depending on whether you are right-handed or left-handed. One shoe is considered a brake shoe with a non-slip rubber sole (on your dominant foot) and the other is a slip shoe (on your opposite foot). For example, if you throw with your right hand, the sliding sole will be on your left foot. The advantage of a braking outsole is that it provides more traction to stabilize your body as you take a run. These shoes often come with interchangeable soles, so you can tailor the glide to suit your playing style and specific run zone conditions.

  • Brunswick Stealth Men's Shoes

    Men's shoes Brunswick Pro Tred black-brown

In conclusion, if you play bowling once or twice a year with friends at parties, you can safely use the rental shoes.

If you are a more advanced bowler looking to improve your performance or join a league, take a look at athletic shoes to improve your game.

Finally, if you participate in tournaments or play in several different leagues on different tracks, you should definitely get some good professional shoes. The adaptability, comfort and safety of such shoes will justify the investment.

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Good luck on the tracks!

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