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Bowling is a centuries-old game. Official standards were adopted as early as the late nineteenth century, and mechanical pinsetters and an automatic scoring system were introduced in the twentieth. Of course, the requirements for a place to play during this time have been rechecked and polished like a bowling ball. In this white paper, we will look at how to choose a bowling alley based on its size, additional rooms, location in the city, target audience, and other important factors.

Dimensions and equipment of the hall

The most important consideration when planning a bowling alley is the floor area. All equipment has certain dimensions, which are fixed by the rules. In addition to paths and equipment, it is imperative to lay technical passages for service personnel and recreation areas for players.

Plus, visitors always want to have a snack and a drink in anticipation of their attempt, so the area for the kitchen or bar, as well as the staff room, will come in handy. Of course, you need to remember about the wardrobe with shoe rental and restrooms.

The easiest way to calculate sufficient parameters is starting with the bowling equipment. And the most effective solution in terms of accuracy, speed and quality of calculations is an application for project development from the professionals of BowlExpert. We know everything not only about the technical part, but also about all the associated costs, the smallest nuances and pitfalls of starting a new bowling club from scratch.

In order to at least tentatively imagine the minimum space required to open a bowling center, start from the size of a fully equipped track. That is, with all the mechanisms, take-off and rest zones, the technical section, the length of one will turn out to be just over 31 meters. By the way, the lines are installed in pairs, and the width of such a pair is approximately 3.5-4 meters. The optimal number of simultaneously installed strips is four or six pieces. More is great, less can feel like a cramped, long bunker.

If you have an idea to add a couple of tracks to an already equipped sports and game room, you should consider such a moment as noise. Bowling is a very loud entertainment with a constant rumble from rolling balls and falling pins, as well as a violent splash of emotions from the participants. Such a neighborhood would be inappropriate next to billiards, which requires a certain concentration. But next to gaming and dancing machines, installation is quite possible. But in this case, keep in mind that not all visitors will like the constant sound of bumps from the bowling zone.

Territorial location of the club

Opening your own bowling club will be a good business idea only if you think in advance who it is intended for. There are several options:

  1. Students, youth;
  2. Middle class workers, families;
  3. High net worth visitors, gated community.

There is a fourth option – professional players and athletes. We deliberately did not include them in the list, since this is a separate narrow niche where the choice of premises has long been known – at stadiums or near sports facilities for the comfortable organization of training camps, trainings, and competitions. Outsiders can only be present as spectators or support, although the specificity of this sport does not imply a large number of them in the immediate vicinity of the playing area.

However, the third item on the list is also suitable for a few – a closed club assumes access exclusively by subscription for a limited number of people. The launch of such a center is orders of magnitude more expensive, since, in addition to special training of personnel and expensive finishing, it requires a high-quality restaurant and its own secure parking.

Bowling for young companies should be inexpensive. Also important is the ability to get there by public transport. In this regard, a great solution would be to open a bowling center in an operating shopping center – as a rule, they have their own free bus routes from the metro or other key points. In many cities of Russia there is an option to rent non-working cultural objects – recreation centers, cinema, museums. They are perfect because they have the necessary space and infrastructure.

The target audience, including the middle class, has more opportunities for recreation. Such visitors often have their own vehicles, so the club can be located in the warehouse area. In this case, the design in the loft or urban style will be appropriate and easily implemented – it will help to save money on finishing and quickly recoup the institution.

So, when choosing a bowling alley, make sure that it has sufficient footage and convenient transport accessibility. If the bowling center is designed for young people or players with an average income, the ideal solution would be to buy serviceable, proven used equipment.

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