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“How much does it cost to open a bowling club?” – the first question that novice businessmen ask before planning such a business. Experienced entrepreneurs and investors formulate it differently: “What is the payback of such a business, how much profit will it bring?” In the first case, the motive looks like “how much you need to give”, and in the second – “how much you can get”. Agree, the mood is different. However, in this article we will try to answer both questions.

First of all, we note that the calculations below are a generalized example, where the minimum prices are taken as a basis. In practice, budgets are likely to be larger due to natural increases in property and food prices, higher tariffs and wage levels, and many other aspects.

Bowling opening and maintenance costs

So, the financial plan for the simplest bowling alley with a couple of lanes and a bar, with an estimated area of ​​about 270 square meters:

  1. Hall preparation (wiring, decor) – 790,000 rubles;
  2. Tracks, devices, accessories – 790,000 rubles;
  3. Bar, dishes, furniture – 490,000 rubles;
  4. TV, audio, lighting – 380,000 rubles;
  5. Marketing for launching a club – 200,000 rubles;
  6. Food, drinks, alcohol – 150,000 rubles.

Total investment costs, according to preliminary estimates, amount to 2.8 million rubles one-time.

Please note that this is the amount that must be invested in the bowling alley itself. Next comes the turn of monthly maintenance costs. Let’s consider their composition in the annual interval:

  1. Rent of premises, communal apartment – 1,200,000 rubles;
  2. Wage fund – 700,000 rubles;
  3. Various taxes – 400,000 rubles;
  4. Other costs – 400,000 rubles.

Thus, operating costs are almost comparable to the launch budget – 2.7 million rubles per year.

Once again, we note that the calculations are for informational purposes only. As you can see for yourself, we have calculated the approximate salaries and payments for all employees of the bowling center, but this amount can be 10 times less or more depending on the region of the country, the size and level of the club, as well as many other factors. It is also possible to change tax laws, prices for real estate and utilities, the cost of products, furniture, related equipment, and so on.

Bowling income

Now the best part is the income and profit from the maintenance of the small bowling center that we built in the last paragraph. According to the most conservative estimates (which can no longer be found in any major city in Russia), in the daytime, visitors spend from 300 rubles / hour, in the evening – from 700. These are exclusively game sessions. In this case, they will bring about 2.4 million rubles per year. It is worth noting here that one club can easily bring such a number per month, although the costs of opening and maintaining it will also increase.

It is no coincidence that a bar is provided in our hypothetical bowling club. Additional services – here, snacks and light drinks – give us at least another 70% of the revenue from the game itself. And if you put in several slot machines, karaoke and other entertainment, the income item will grow even more.

In this situation, the bowling center pays for itself in about two years.

Reasonable savings when opening a bowling club

New bowling equipment costs from 45 thousand dollars per lane. Used devices are estimated 3-10 times cheaper, that is, from 395 thousand to 1.6 million rubles. But, of course, it’s important to understand what you are buying, because a pig in a poke can go broke. Transportation, installation, quick breakdown and non-repairability, damaged reputation – and savings provoked ruin.

In order not to get into such a situation, successful entrepreneurs turn to specialists in the field of used equipment in this area. So, BowlExpert has its own restoration workshop, various diagnostic and repair stands, and also gives a guarantee for the equipment and consumables offered. More than 180 companies have already trusted BowlExpert and have been doing profitable business in Russia and the CIS for many years.

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