How many pins should be in bowling

An unambiguous answer to the question “How many pins should there be in bowling?” – not. Just because it all depends on the type of game. It is divided into several types, which differ in the number of pins used. There are 5, 7 and 10-point varieties. The most popular is 10-pin bowling. But, it differs not only in the number of game attributes, but also in the number of throws in each frame. A triangular arrangement is assumed here.

This is not all that you will learn from this article. We will also tell you how much a pin weighs in bowling, how attributes are arranged and what they are made of.

Manufacturing process

And the first thing we’ll talk about is what are they made of? Previously, stone, wood and even clay were used in production technology. They were varied in shape: they looked like candles and even ducks. Today the main raw material is hard maple. This material was regulated by two congresses at the end of the 20th century. The form was also approved then and became exactly what we see it now.

The material is thoroughly dried, after which it is given the appropriate shape. The final stage is coating.

For tournaments, the regulations allow for use in the game wooden shells. In Russia, plastic pins are allowed only for organizing competitions from the International Bowling Federation.

In amateur centers, plastic attributes are more often used. Players never touch them with their hands, but even if this happened, it is unlikely that anyone can tell them from professional ones. The difference lies only in the price and the internal component.

Standard sizes

During production, certain size requirements are met. For example, the standard height is 38.1 cm, the width is 12.065 cm, and the weight is 1.531-1.644 kg.

The principle of placement of shells

On the track, at the very end, before each new frame, the pins are set automatically. Let’s take a look at 10-pin bowling as an example. The shells are set in the shape of a triangle. At the same time, its top is directed towards the bowler.

Wedge setting scheme:

  • The first row contains the main pin number 1;
  • In the second – # 2 and # 3;
  • In the third – №4, №5 and №6;
  • In the fourth – No. 7, No. 8, No. 9 and No. 10.

The numbers indicate the location only. In terms of scoring, only one point is awarded for each shot down. The distance between the spaced projectiles is 30.5 cm.

All of the listed requirements regarding dimensions, placement and materials are quite important. Therefore, they have been discussed and approved at the official level. After all, all this affects the result and quality of the game.

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