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Bowling is a very interesting form of entertainment, and this is not only about the gameplay itself. How bowling works from the inside is almost technical magic. Therefore, sometimes you want to understand how the whole system functions. It will be useful for those who own an entertainment business as well.

Many people think that bowling is just pins and a ball. However, entertainment is a very massive system, consisting of mechanisms and additional equipment. It emerged in the mid-20th century, launching a new era of automated bowling. Prior to that, specially trained people were engaged in setting the pins. As a rule, high school students who want to earn a little extra money.

In the 80s, the process was computerized, so today it is enough for us to throw the ball, and the artificial intelligence itself calculates all the necessary information. The total number of points is reflected on the game board immediately.

Bowling features: mechanisms, systems, machines

The bowling game begins with a movement to direct the ball onto the lane. When he flies into the pyramid, video sensors immediately read how many pins have not fallen, and feed the information to the screen. It displays the points and the place that the player currently occupies.

Meanwhile, the pinspotter begins to work – a machine that replaced the very schoolchildren who worked in bowling clubs at the beginning of the last century. The device is a crane that lifts all the pins that are on the track. The fallen inventory is brushed off by the janitor. The pinspotter is not only responsible for sorting, but also for accepting the balls and sending them back to the players.

This device was invented by Gottfried Schmidt back in the 30s of the last century. The idea quickly caught on due to its efficiency and reduced staff costs. Pinspotters of different brands have some differences. But the principle of action is the same for everyone.

After the crane has lifted the standing skittles, everyone else falls onto the transport mechanism. There is a limiter above it, which prevents the ball from rolling with the pins. Instead, he goes into the return device and again finds himself on the counter next to the player.

The pinspotter has a lot of spare parts: shafts, motors, gears. All of them are responsible for ensuring that the pins and the ball go to their positions. When the pins move along the transport mechanism, they are picked up by a special elevator with shelves. Then it transfers them to the distribution equipment, and from there each gets into the corresponding segment of the setting table. It has sensors that determine how many pins are already on the track.

To make the device work as quickly as possible, it contains 22 pins at once. These are two sets and a pair of spare. This number was chosen to save time: while one set is being sorted, the second is already installed. Two more pins are not included here “just in case.” Pins number 7 and 10 go along the distributor the longest. It is in order not to delay the whole process that additional ones are used.

In the bowling system an important role is played by the swap, also known as the “cleaner”. This is a special mechanism that throws dropped pins onto the transport belt, and also prevents accidental throws while the pyramid is being set up.

While the pins are in place, the ball returns to its original position. It hits a fast spinning rubber band and travels down a chute between lanes back to the player. The gutter is covered with a cover that hides this path from prying eyes. At the end, the ball picks up the bollift and lifts it onto the platform to continue playing.

Other interesting nuances of the bowling device

To prevent players from hitting multiple strikes in a row, thereby reducing interest, approximately half of the lane is oiled. For this, special machines are used, in some cases it is done manually. At tournaments, the length of the lubricated area is negotiated. Therefore, when we throw a ball, it first slides and then rolls. Accordingly, the oil is distributed over the rest of the track and the next ball will no longer be able to follow the same path. As a result, during the game, you have to constantly adjust the direction of the throw, taking into account this feature. Agree, this makes the competition much more interesting!

The bowling alley is serviced by a whole team of technicians who are responsible for making sure the equipment is working properly. Therefore, each bowling club is a large staff, without whom the game simply will not take place. Thanks to all those thanks to whom we can enjoy this sporting fun and knock out strikes!

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