A foul is considered committed when any part of the player’s body is or oversteps the line of the throw and touches any part of the equipment or structure of the track during or after the execution of a throw that was deemed correct. When committing a foul, the player will not be credited with the knocked-down pins, although an attempt to use the ball will count. Intentional fouls are prohibited. If a player deliberately commits a foul in order to gain an advantage, he is subject to immediate suspension from further participation in the competition at this stage.

When a foul is committed, the following scoring situations arise:
1. When a player commits a foul on sending the first ball of a frame, all pins that have been knocked down must be reset. Only those pins that are knocked down when using the second ball count towards him. If a player knocks down all the pins with the second ball, he is awarded points as for SPE. When fewer than ten pins are knocked down using the second ball, that player is awarded a fault.

2. When a player fouls using his second ball in a given frame, only the pins that he hit with the first ball will count.

3. When a player commits a foul when using his first and second balls in any frame, the knocked-down pins will not be counted at all.

In the event of a protest about a foul or the validity of pins knocked down, when this protest cannot be resolved by the captains of both teams, an additional ball or frame will be played for the competitor.

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