What is a strike?

Do you like both billiards and bowling?

It is clear. You love cakes. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t. But many of our clients are almost as interested in sports as swimming as in the larger sport. (clears throat) That would obviously be cakes! But what if you could marry the two. What if you could show your love for billiards while you’re on the rails?

We have the perfect solution in the latest On The Ball bowling offer. Choose from any of the 15 numbered balls or the design of a bowling ball. Even if you don’t like billiards, this design attracts attention. Who wouldn’t want to throw an 8 ball down the lane? Or maybe you have a lucky number or a favorite color. This is the perfect way to incorporate it into your game.

You will love these. Your kids will too. We believe that these spare balls will be sold as cakes. So grab your “On The Ball Bowling” billiard ball today for yourself or as the perfect gift for the bowler of your life.

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