Although scoring in modern bowling is always done automatically by an electronic system, it is still necessary to know the basics of how it is done. And then you will rely on these cars … You should be familiar with all the numbers and symbols on the screen. You may need to figure out what needs to be done to achieve a certain result and beat the opponent while still in the middle of the game. In this article, you will learn all about the bowling scoring system.

Bowling scoring. The basics.

The bowling game consists of 10 approaches-frames (frame), each of which has two pin throws (except for the last frame). The maximum points you can get is 300, which is called the perfect game (Perfect Game). If you hit all 10 pins on the first try, this is called strike (strike) and your frame is complete. If you need a second throw to finish off the pins remaining after the first throw, it is called spare (spae).

Bowling points table

On the scoring table, you see 10 large cells on a horizontal line next to your name. They represent 10 frames. You will also see a small cell in the right corner of each large one. The number of pins knocked off the first roll is recorded in the box to the left of this small box, and the number knocked off the second roll goes to the box itself.

spare count

The picture on the right is an example of a player who 6 pins on the first throw and 3 on the second, in total nine pins per frame. The result after the current frame is reflected in the middle of the large cell.

How to count strikes and spades

Strike marked in the table with the symbol XSpare denoted by the symbol /. The reason they are especially valuable for the result is that you can add pins hit in the next two pins to the number of pins hit in this frame. throws… Let me explain how this works.

Spare considered as 10 pins plus the number of pins hit on the next throw. (In other words, the price of a frame is not actually recorded until you move on to the next frame.) So if you knocked out spare, and then 6 on the first roll of the next frame, your spare will be equal to +sixteen

For strike is still better since you add the value of the next two rolls to 10 skittles. For example, if you knock out strike, and in the next frame, knock out 6 and 3, your strike will be equal to +nineteen… The best result you can get in a frame is thirty, which will require two more strikes from you in subsequent frames.

Because of this, knocking out several strikes in a row can significantly increase the score. Sequence of 12 strikes will give the maximum result – 300 points.

Check out the example below from the first four frames of the game and see if you can continue?

strike count

The last 10th frame is the only one that differs from all, as it contains three small cells. If you knock out strike or sparethen you get the bonus roll. If you knock out strike on the first roll of the 10th frame, you get two more rolls, and if you knock spare – get one.

Other symbols used in bowling scoring.

counting a foul

There are several other symbols that you can see in the table. If after the throw you are left with a combination, which is a set of several pins with a gap between them, the so-called. Split, it will be marked on the score sheet with a circle around the number of pins knocked down (see figure).

Any shot that does not hit any pins will be indicated by a dash (see diagram).

Finally, the violation foul lines (over the line when throwing) will be marked Fand any pins knocked out will not count.

I hope you have no questions left and we completely helped you master scoring in bowling?

If not, below you can practice on bowling calculator


But it’s still good that automatic counting systems already exist in bowling. You can enjoy the game without being distracted by boring numbers. Is not it?

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