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The lane is rightly considered the centerpiece of a bowling alley. The quality of the game and the guests’ impressions of the institution directly depend on it. And at first glance it seems that there are no difficulties here. In fact, the playing area consists of several parts, each of which is made according to its own technology and performs a specific function. In this article we will tell you what it is, what materials it is made of and how much a bowling alley costs.

Components and maintenance of the track

Visually, the area for the game can be divided into several components:

  • takeoff run zone;
  • line of throw;
  • the track itself.

The start is a 15-foot run zone. As a rule, maple is used for manufacturing, which is coated with a high-strength varnish and polished to increase sliding. At this point, “points” are visible, located parallel in three rows at a fixed distance from each other. These landmarks are made of wood or plastic and help to more accurately determine the trajectory of movement, as well as find out how much the player has deviated from it.

Next is the line of throw, 3/8 to 1 inch wide. It runs through chutes, ball return systems and dividing boards. The basic rule is that it is forbidden to intercede for it, otherwise the attempt will not be counted.

The third and most important part is a canvas about 1.5 m wide and 19 m long. Two types of wood are prepared for its production. The first 7 meters are made of a more durable rock – maple. This place experiences a lot of stress during the impact of the ball. The same material is taken to make the sector where the pins are set. The remaining area is made of softer pine wood.

The surface is marked with markings. At a distance of 12-16 feet from the line of throw, there are landmarks in a row that look like “dots” in the take-off zone. Further, in the form of a wedge, rangefinders are applied. The stripes are not placed strictly horizontally, but with a slight slope towards the receiver.

After installing the coating, it is necessary to apply additional layers of varnish, which dries quickly and has increased strength. In this case, the presence of grooves or protrusions, the depth of which is more than a millimeter, is not allowed. To exclude this, the surface must be carefully sanded. To prevent premature wear on the coating, it is necessary to apply oil every day and polish with special machines. The modern market offers a large selection of oil impregnations. But in every bowling center an important condition must be observed: only one type of bowling can be used within the institution. To maintain optimal condition, it is recommended to renew the coating with new compounds once or twice a year, after removing the old layer.

The cost

Have you decided to start a bowling business? It is worth considering that the price of a new track reaches $ 25,000–40,000. And this is not all that will need to be purchased to open a business. However, there is no point in getting upset, because it is quite possible to purchase high-quality and serviceable equipment, while saving up to 50–70%!

The BowlExpert company provides a full range of turnkey bowling club opening services. Here you can buy a used bowling set from 295 thousand rubles and up to one and a half million. Our highly experienced specialists will be able to determine what is needed for your premises, taking into account all the details and features of its construction.

We only offer working hardware that has been personally tested. More information on pricing and estimates can be found on the Pricing page. If you have any questions, please contact us in any way convenient for you: by phone, e-mail, feedback form or in social networks. BowlExpert professionals will tell you about all the services and help you choose the most suitable equipment.

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