Bowling Ball Return System


The VIA PBL ™ Bowling Ball Return System is ideal for small rooms. One such unit is designed to serve a pair of tracks at once. The equipment consists of three subsystems:

  1. FasTrak ™;
  2. PowerLift;
  3. Hood & Rack.

Next, we will describe in detail the purpose and benefits of these devices.

VIA FasTrak ™

VIA FastTrack is a bowling ball accelerator. For a long time, this particular line has been considered the fastest. The list of pros of this ball return includes:

  • ball return speed – very high compared to analogs;
  • safety – mechanisms are protected from foreign objects (pins, etc.);
  • ease of maintenance and repair – thanks to convenient casters.

Thanks to the VIA FasTrak ™ accelerator, the bowling game maintains high pace, dynamics and drive. This means that visitors will want to come to your bowling club again and again.

VIA PowerLift

VIA PowerLift is a special ball lift. He delivers them to a drive located in the playing area so that players can choose the best one for their hand. To protect it from chips or other damage during transportation, the mechanism is equipped with special synthetic and plastic gaskets. The main advantages of this ball lift:

  • accuracy – feed remains soft even at high roll-out speed;
  • care – the risk of collision and splitting of balls is excluded;
  • reliability – movement on the ball lift is completely safe.

VIA Hood & Rack

VIA Hood-n-Rack is a storage table for bowling balls. It is designed to store up to 10 copies at a time. Features of this equipment:

  • protective flaps – prevent foreign things from entering the device;
  • stylishness – current design fits well into any room;
  • ergonomics – the table eliminates trauma to the user, while maintaining convenient access for servicing the ball return system.

Bowling Ball Return System Buying Advice

Before buying bowling equipment, get detailed advice from the BowlExpert professionals. Just use the contacts at the bottom of the page, write to our chat or leave a request in the feedback form. We are ready to answer any of your questions and tell you about all the nuances of purchasing, delivery, installation and maintenance of bowling equipment.

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