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Summer is coming, which means that the most beautiful resting place is definitely in the fresh air. The pandemic last year locked everyone at home, and one could only dream of a vacation abroad. Even visiting entertainment centers remained beyond reality. But, those who have a country house or summer cottage are lucky enough to relax in the fresh air. How can you make your vacation even more enjoyable? We recommend equipping a bowling alley on the territory behind the house! What could be better than an active game in nature? How do you like the idea?

How to choose and equip a place in the country

The area in the courtyard where the bowling equipment will be located must be level and comfortable for playing. It is better to pre-cement the site. The recommended length is at least 10 m, and the width is about 2.5 m. The concrete surface is covered with linoleum or low-pile carpet. Pillars are installed along the perimeter of the site and an awning, film or tarpaulin is pulled, creating a kind of tent. It protects the equipment from exposure to sunlight and precipitation.

Why bowling is useful

The advantage of the game is that an unlimited number of people can play. Bowling is often chosen for corporate events. This is a good way to build a team. And the idea of ​​creating a bowling alley for a summer residence will allow you to enjoy the game in the fresh air.

What equipment to choose

First you need to decide on the manufacturer of the equipment. And then plan the number of tracks. For the dacha complex, six play tracks are quite enough. And balls and pins deserve special attention. On the first, there must be a numbering indicating weight. So each player will select a suitable ball by mass.

Difficult with the choice of equipment and accessories for your country bowling? Contact BowlExpert. Among our advantages:

  • Team of professionals;

  • Own warehouse of components and spare parts for equipment;

  • Possibility of checking assemblies and electronics.

Our experts will select the appropriate option, take into account the subtleties of street design and help with installation and configuration.

Done with

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