Benefits of purchasing turnkey bowling equipment


Buying used bowling equipment on a turnkey basis is an easy start to the business, which will allow you to fully assess its potential. The owners of the centers, who correctly distribute funds, always remain on the wave. Our experience in this market exceeds 10 years, during which more than 100 projects have been implemented in the CIS and Eastern Europe. Therefore, we have knowledge of all the “pitfalls”, and we can also talk about the real advantages of such equipment.

Advantages, guarantees

Own business is constantly emerging problems that require immediate solutions. First, a bowling club must fully comply with the legal requirements that apply to entertainment centers. Its activities are controlled by a large number of authorities. Secondly, for a competent start, you need to develop a plan, register a company. The choice of premises, the selection of the necessary equipment, the hiring of qualified personnel is just the beginning of the journey.

When buying a bowling alley on a turnkey basis, do not worry about overlooked moments, they will not arise. BowlExpert offers services for setting up a bowling business, from developing a plan to servicing implemented solutions.

At the start, there is quite enough high-quality used equipment. The price of a used set starts at 295,000 rubles, and a new track costs from 25 to 40 thousand dollars and more. It is not difficult to calculate how much money is saved on the purchase of used equipment.

By using the services of BowlExpert, you will become the owner of a profitable business. You are guaranteed:

  • professional serviceable equipment;
  • availability of the necessary documentation;
  • an impressive range of equipment, accessories, consumables;
  • 24/7 support line;
  • personalized plan for each client.

Professionals will select the right equipment, pack tightly and deliver right to your door. On the agreed day, they will complete the installation, carry out a full range of commissioning works, and train personnel. The equipment has a warranty from three months to a year.

We save you startup time and money. The result of cooperation is a well-developed concept, assistance with finding a suitable premises, assistance in the selection of qualified workers. Experienced entrepreneurs who have studied the process of creating a successful company from scratch for a long time, like no one else, know everything about starting a business that is profitable from the first days. And this is us!

Get reliable hardware by optimizing your spending on launching a full-fledged entertainment facility from scratch. Contact by multichannel telephone in Moscow, via mail, feedback form or social networks listed on the contact information page.

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